We can't stand ads. Ads of any kind - banner ads, line ads and don't even get us started on pop ups (shudder). That's why we've embraced the FINAO Sponsorship; where we don't just cut and paste ads together, we give you the opportunity to CONNECT with your target demographic. The sponsorship mindset is that instead of talking at your customer, you sit and hang with them. You hear what they have to say, you learn what they are all about, you get to know them on a whole new level; you understand them. FINAO Sponsorship is exclusive, meaning we don't let just anyone in. We're looking for sponsorship partners who strengthen and support the FINAO message - Failure is Not an Option and living a goal-oriented life is fun and cool. Our ideal FINAO sponsor fit is a national, regional or local company whose product or service supports our goal-driven audience to reach their goals. As a FINAO sponsor, you'll get a complete experience - a FINAO page, sponsorship of one of our many tiles and the opportunity to create content that speaks to your ideal customer in their language. You will be able to build a community around your company that goes beyond brand loyalty and creates life-long customers. Care to take this conversation off-line? Reach out to us to learn more about FINAO and what this unique offering could mean to your brand.